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What we provide

Adjustments & Repairs

If your frames need repairs or adjustments, bring them in to Spotlight Optical. Most repairs and adjustments can be done on-site.

Contact Lens Fittings

Many people requiring vision correction can wear contact lenses without any problems or complications. New materials and lens care technologies have made today’s contact lenses more comfortable, safer, and easier to wear. Contact lenses can be worn full time or intermittently for special occasions, while participating in sports or for a night out on the town. Contact us to schedule your fitting appointment or to find out more information.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Our optometrists are the doctors you can trust to ensure the health of your eyes. During a routine eye exam, we will discuss your optical health, answering any and all your questions, and will perform the eye exam. This exam will allow us to determine the health of your eyes as well as any vision correction needs or changes.

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Spotlight Optical welcomes you to contact us today to schedule an eye exam or drop by for professional service.
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